Two Fat Ladies Casino

Two Fat Ladies Casino

Important features of Two Fat Ladies Casino

  • It is powered by DragonFish
  • It is named after a famous game from the 60s
  • It is compatible across mobile devices
  • It has good payment choices – Visa, Maestro or Master Card. You can also use PaySafe, PayPal and Entropy
Overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 based on 18 reviews
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First Impressions

Two Fat Ladies casino is a special casino destination which can be enjoyed by everyone. This site is gifted with a brilliant variety of online games. Join it to sample the games of the finest quality and grab every opportunity to simply bask in its expose. The games are easy to understand and play. Two Fat Ladies casino bingo games await those visiting its gaming zone. Chill out with multiple options of games. Rewind with special reward points. You can experience the true joy of online gaming with Two Fat Ladies casino Bingo games.  You can be rest assured, all games guarantee fairness during each visit.

The Two fat ladies casino is designed by the famous Dragonfish Company. This company is well known for classic games. This gaming site is readily accessible and very easy to steer. The website has easy access tabs to guide through. The log in process takes less than a few minutes and the game instantly gets started.


Two Fat Ladies Bingo game was very popular during early nineteenth century. They were mostly played by male players. The last 60 years has witnessed a rise in the number of female players. This site name is inspired by this famous game. Women enjoy the easy and simple games that this site offers.

Though Two Fat Ladies has more than one owner, it has been adopted by the famous United Gaming Company, which is famous for its other brands such as Moon Bingo and Robin Hood Bingo. These are few of the most famous online games.

With time, the website has become one of the preferential website for online game players.

Games and Software:

Some of the instant slots games available in this gaming site will make you relish the crowing opportunity. Game players can find a wide selection of the choicest games and betting options.

Experience players, who have played this game before will have an edge over other new players.

Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest are some of the games that are most searched online – One can select from a wide variety of 50 such games like Live Roulette game, European Roulette etc. You will have all reasons to of winning the game. With its unique and endless variety of gaming options, we recommend you select the latest BOGOF or Cash or Car games. This game offers MEGA prizes. You may even win a new car as well as a bonanza offer. You can access and play the famous games on the world’s most amazing gaming sites.

The site has been developed by Dragonfish using the latest technologies and it guarantees absolute fun during every game. Two Fat ladies Casino offer the players a real time opportunity of instant games. Each game allows the player to set reminders using the Setting Option. Timings in the game room are restricted as per the game rooms. To change the setting option, the player has to change the setting using the Casino setting menu.

Bingo’s legendary games, such as 75 and the legendary 95 Bingo games is now available on all android and iOS devices. Just download the app and you can play it wherever you wish to.


Two Fat Ladies Casino has cleared all  no objection norms set by the governing body .The gaming site has successfully qualified for the Govt. of GGO and United Kingdom’s Gambling Act.

Boys and girls below the age of 18 years are restricted to play or register on this site. This site does not intend to indulge teenagers or children. 

Bonuses and Promotions:

The Two Fat Ladies Casino site is upright and displays various bonuses at all times. The welcome registration brings along a whopping 300% bonus up to £88. Basically what that means is you put in your own £10 and you get a free £30, so you can play with £40. Here are some other offers.

  • Late Night Show – You need play at odd night hours to participate in this promotion
  • Happy Hour – There are 100% bonuses if you play on set time and date every day of the week.
  • Loyalty Bonus – Depending on whether you have reached gold, silver or diamond levels and depending on how often you indulge you will be entitled to bonus
  • The Big £10000 – It is there for monthly draws as part of any new game promotion.

Recommend your friends to join and you will be rewarded with the amount you registered yourself.

If you register in the VIP gaming zone, you can win the chance to play all bingo games for free. No deposit required. The site promotes striking seven digits Bonanza along with other regular weekly, weekend, monthly rewards and bonuses.

Tickets are very reasonable. Some of them cost less than a candy. Some tickets are priced high since they offer the game player with VIP Bonanzas and perks. All bonanzas are made accessible to players easily. A player can register for the VVIP section and can entitle himself to higher rewards and prizes. It all depends on their playing ability.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

There are specific deposit and withdrawal methods. All players must adhere to these terms. You may opt for an option which is convenient to you. As you deposit the first token, you will be welcomed with a bonus credit in your account by Two Fat Ladies casino. All your information will be kept off the record and the payments and transactions are 100 percent safe and secure.

You may use a credit card of your preference such as Visa, Maestro or Master Card. You can also use PaySafe, PayPal and Entropy. The moment you deposit the first token, transfers are made immediately to the game players’ account. All Withdrawals are subject to cash available in the player’s account.  

Help & Support: You can get a 24*7 support from their customer service desk. Their email id is, and their toll-free number is 0800 901 2510. Feel free to call them from 9AM to 1AM, even on weekends.

Country Restrictions: 

Two Fat Ladies Casino restrictions are applicable on countries outside UK. Hence the services are operational in United Kingdom and in some of the European states (but one has to check the T&C before logging on to the site). Citizens of United States and part of Espanola and adjoining nations might not have access to these websites. Viewers are requested to check in the restricted notes in the terms and condition section of the website to avoid any inconvenience. These online Gaming sites are not permitted to be viewed or played all across the globe.


A 4.5 star rating for this cuddly casino site. This site is consistent in offering amazing games round the clock.

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