The Roulette Wheel

In the game of roulette in order to determine what the winning number will be a croupier spins the roulette wheel in one direction, then she adds a small ball spinning in the opposite direction around a tilted circular track which runs about the outer of the wheel.  When the wheel begins to slow the ball loses its momentum and falls on to the wheel eventually landing into one of the slots or pockets. The type of roulette table will determine how many slots are included on the wheel.  If the type of bet you have made corresponds with where the ball has finally landed then you have a win bet.

The Roulette Wheel

The Roulette Wheel Number Sequence

  • European and French Roulette. Roulette wheels vary depending on which game you are playing.  For instance if you were playing at a European table the pockets or slots of the roulette wheel will be numbered from zero to 36. Odd numbers are red and the even numbers are always black. There is also a green pocket or slot and this is numbered zero (0).  French roulette also has the same amount of numbers and the single zero.
  • American Roulette. The American version of roulette there is a second green pocket or slot, which is numbered as a double zero (00).  In most casinos, the pocket order sticks to the same clockwise sequence.

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The Roulette Table

It is usual for the roulette table to impose both a maximum and a minimum bet on each game, and these rules usually also apply separately for all inside and outside bets on each spin.  Some casinos use different coloured chips to distinguish each player although no roulette chip ever has a monetary value marked on its side. Bets can be made until the croupier says ‘no more bets’ or rien ne va plus.’

On the table is a cloth covered area and this is known as the ‘layout.’ The layout is either European or American with their single and double zeros respectively.  The French game layout where the table is in the centre and a layout is on either side of the wheel is rarely found outside of Monte Carlo, rather the American style layout is commonly used with the wheel to one end.

The presence of the green slots and squares on the roulette wheel and table are technically the only house edge that the casino profits from, and as roulette is simple to learn and play the house edge can be one of the biggest, especially in the American version (because it has that extra zero.)

Roulette Strategy

Enjoying a roulette game is all about trying to guess where the ball will land and betting on that guess, and many people follow some type of roulette strategy whether it is one of the many tried and tested systems like the Martingale or a favoured colour/number combination, no matter which one is chosen the roulette game is ultimately one of chance and luck with nerve wracking seconds thrown in waiting for that ball to finally fall into one of the slots hopefully to give you a win bet.

Playing Online

The online game is also one of the most popular table games you can play via your computer or mobile device, and numerous variations of games that can be enjoyed.  Online roulette transfers over to the small screen easily and as technology advances so does the quality of the game.  Now we can enjoy the spin of a wheel on bigger phone screens, in High Definition, with excellent graphics, audio and video clips included.  Remember those times when you were waiting for the ball to land in a pocket and the whole game went down?  Thankfully that does not happen, and even if it did the game will save where you were up to, just in case.

There are many new online casinos springing up almost every day, competition is fierce and this is very beneficial for the player.  Benefits include some stunning welcome offers as sites try to tempt you through their virtual doors and keep you returning with other daily, weekly and monthly offers.  You can also expect to find tournaments with great prizes on offer plus excellent progressive jackpot games.

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Choice really is the name of the game when talking about playing online and all of the casinos that are included on this site are only the very best on offer today.

Live Roulette

The live casino has to be one of the most exciting ways to enjoy your game, with others around a real roulette table, using real wheels and spun by a gorgeous real life croupier.  All the action is fed through to you via a live stream using your webcam.

Playing this version of online roulette is immensely enjoyable as you can interact with the croupier as you place your bets, although you will have to wait for a seat (just like any other bricks and mortar casino) as numbers are limited due to the cost of setting a live casino up.

Even though you have to wait sometimes, putting a little of your bankroll to one side if only to experience the thrill of these live games is well worth it and highly recommended.

All of the sites included offer the iconic roulette game in a variety of ways, this classic game whether it is played live or virtually has all the excitement you would expect, with each online roulette version having its own advantages to each player with the advantage of our roulette wheels carry on spinning 24/7.