Fibonacci Strategy

Understanding the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Fibonacci was born around 1175 to a wealthy Italian merchant called Guglielmo Bonacci who was thought also to be the consul for Pisa. Fibonacci traveled a great deal with his father and it was in Bejaia, Algeria that he first learned about the Hindu-Arabic Numeral system. As Fibonacci traveled more … Continue reading Fibonacci Strategy

Labouchere Strategy

Understanding the Labouchere Strategy This strategy was developed by Henry Labouchere who was a keen roulette player and lived form 1831 to 1912. This roulette strategy is also known by the names ‘the cancellation system’ or ‘the split martingale.’   The labouchere system is also one of the most popular methods used by players at the … Continue reading Labouchere Strategy

Roulette Odds

Understanding Roulette Odds Like many other gambling games roulette is a lot about chance and luck, but also it is about the odds that can work both for and against the player. We are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about roulette odds and how the different bets can have an … Continue reading Roulette Odds