Roulette Software

This roulette software page has been created to assist those who love their online roulette. Whether you are new to the game enjoying one of the many free roulette variations, or a professional player wanting to try out a new system, we hope you find this page both informative and interesting.

What is a Roulette Software Developer?

Broadly speaking, a software developer is the creative mind behind any computer program. Some develop the applications that allow you as player to do certain tasks like spin the roulette wheel or bet on the table.  The software developer also allows you to do these specific tasks on other devices so you can access your favourite casino anywhere and at anytime.

Roulette Software

The Duties of a Roulette Software Developer are:

  • To analyze the needs of those playing online roulette and then design, test, and then develop the software for the online casino
  • The software developer also recommends any upgrades for the customers existing programs and systems.
  • They also design each piece of the game application or a system and they then plan how the pieces will all work together.
  • The software developer is responsible for creating a variety of models and diagrams so that the programmers know how to write the software codes
  • Roulette software developers also ensure that any program they have developed for the casino software continues to work normally
  • It is also their role to document each aspect of any game application
  • Software developers also collaborate with other computer specialists to develop and then create the best software.

The Random Number Generator

Commonly known as the RNG or PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) *Please see page on the RNG* The Random Number Generator lies at the core of any roulette game, it is what spins the virtual roulette wheel on the table in a random fashion that offers each player a fair chance of a win. The RNG is independently tested and then certified as working correctly on a regular basis.

Roulette Software

Online Casino Software

There are many forms of online casino software companies, from the established well known names in the industry, to those companies that took advantage of the online casino boom back in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Below is a list of some of the major players:
  • Real Time Gaming (RTG) designs casino games that they lease to Internet casinos.
  • Microgaming powers in excess of 100 top online casino sites including classic sites like Roxy Palace and 32 Red.
  • Playtech provides the software that powers 147 English language casinos.
  • Rival Gaming accepts US players and is the main rival to RTG within the American market.
  • NetEnt often appears on sites alongside other gaming companies but should not be discounted as they in the top 5 in terms of clients. You will see that the online casinos like Sky Vegas and Fruity King are being powered by NetEnt (and others)

The Roulette Bot

You can find a number of roulette bots to use with your online game, and theses have been designed to make it simpler to use a system or strategy.  Many make the mistake of thinking that a roulette bot is a  system in its own right – it is not.

The professional roulette player knows that the spin of the wheel is subject to chance and luck whether you are playing for real money or just for fun on free roulette.  Applying a system adds to the excitement and entertainment of the game just as it would at a bricks and mortar venue. There are gamblers, who swear by their system, and many have gone on to win a lot of money, but any system should not be relied to payout each and every time you play.

If you are interested in trying out a roulette bot please carry out some in-depth research so you are able to make a considered choice.

Roulette Software

The Roulette Sniper

The Roulette Sniper bot is advertised as free to try and 100% risk free. The publishers description also states that Roulette Sniper will make you win online roulette over and over. The advertisement goes on to state that their site is full of real testimonials by those who have won amazing amounts of money, that this particular software is the number one system available today.

We have already mentioned the roulette bot above and how important it is to do your own research before trying out any claims offering the most amazing software to help you to win thousands, and all for free?

Even if you got the system for free surely if you are allowed to use it only with specific online casinos means that there is some type of arrangement between the software provider and the named casino?  Just a thought.