Random Number Generator

Within this page, we are going to explain to some extent what the Random Number Generator (or RNG) is and how it drives the virtual roulette wheel, rolls the virtual dice, deals the virtual cards and spins the reels of a virtual slot machine.

Any online casino you visit will use a Random Number Generator, all casinos rely on these machines to make sure that every casino game they offer are both true and fair and give their players a good chance of a win.

Random Number Generator

Online casinos are incredibly popular, the online gambling industry is worth billions, so making sure that roulette software is reputable is vitally important. The advanced software is what gives each sit the ‘feel’ of a real casino and as people play for real money it seems only right that they should be able to experience all the action of a bricks and mortar venue but from the comfort of their own homes.

Pseudo-Random Number Generation

Although we use the term ‘Random Number Generator’  to describe the software that allows us to enjoy online roulette, the description is not totally correct as total randomness only really happens in the natural world, and ‘natural’ randomness needs to be processed.  If we attempted to make a computer produce a completely random sequence of numbers then numbers would have to base on naturally occurring phenomena like the waves of the oceans and the decay of isotopes. This ‘true’ naturally derived randomness does not occur in any of your online roulette games.

Many people refer to the Random Number Generator used in an online casino as a ‘Pseudo, Random Number Generator (or PRNG.)  Online casinos use algorithmic randomness to spin the wheel and determine where the ball will land on our online roulette games, thus making the roulette simulator as close to being like a real casino as possible.

What is noticeable is that most online casinos use the term Random Number Generator (RNG) rather than a Pseudo, Random Number Generator, perhaps because the word ‘pseudo’ could put some people off playing?  In this case ‘pseudo’ is not derogative in any shape or form, it simply separates the two types of randomness as high-quality algorithmic randomness is very similar to ‘real’ randomness.

Random Number Generator

Keeping it Fair

All the online casinos that we recommend have their Random Number Generator independently audited and this statistical analysis will be checked to make sure the RNG is true and fair. This testing is carried out on a regular basis and each casino site within our pages is certified as high-quality sites to play at.

Live Roulette Games

Live roulette games are brought to players from a real casino using a real life croupier and real wheel and table.  These type of games do not use a Random Number Generator and are exactly the same as if you were at a bricks and mortar venue.  You may have to wait a little to get a virtual seat but if you have a webcam then the excitement is almost palpable when taking part.

Mobile Online Roulette

All of the online casinos that we include in our pages have mobile options for players to enjoy.  The percentage of mobile players that gamble online is now greater than those that use their home computers.  Many players love the freedom of being able to enjoy roulette games whenever and wherever they choose. Online casinos accept players regular password and payment methods (as the ones used on their computers) and this makes the transition over to the smaller screen simple.  There are some sites that are now dedicated to the mobile player.  All of our sites offer mega bonuses and promotional offers to mobile users, so practicing that roulette system whilst on the train on in a lunch break is easy to do, and totally safe and secure.

Random Number Generator

Facts about the RNG

  • The Pseudo RNG is a set of algorithms which are logical instructions ‘for’ by a computer program (or a chip depending on the way you look at things)
  • The word ‘pseudo’ when relating to Random Number Generators is not derogatory
  • The Random Number Generator replaces the wheel in our games.
  • Research and statistical analysis on RNG’s is ongoing and show that they do produce number sequences that exactly mimic a truly random sequence. Inspections and control boards can make sure that the RNG is both true and fair, These tests and certifications comply with standards for each locality, state or territory.
  • Random Number Generators are the ‘heart’ of every single online casino game.
  • It is the RNG that sets the minimum and maximum pay-outs, and it will never stop making winning combinations every few seconds it is working no matter how much or how little real money you put into the game.
  • There are three main reasons that many online casinos choose a Pseudo RNG and these are its periodicity, and that it is cost effective and very efficient.