Glossary of Terms

Roulette Glossary of Terms

Roulette remains one of the most iconic of casino games, and has been featured in literature and movies, and as with all popular culture it also has its own terms and slang associated with it. Below is a list of the most commonly used words and terms used during the game that you are likely to come across.

The Action

This can relate to a few situations.  You can ‘be in the Action’ which means you are in a position to make a bet, or ‘the Action’ is the total amount that has been wageredover a certain amount of time. You can also be ‘watching the Action’ when you are checking out what are ‘hot’numbers’ on the roulette wheel. An ‘Action Player’ is the term given to a player that is consistently betting big money.


This term is used when a player wagers the whole of his cash pot on one bet.

American Roulette

American roulette is one of the variants of the classic game, and it has two zero pockets which are the ‘0’ and the ’00’ (double zero.) American roulette has a larger house edge than it’s European counterpart, and therefore is not as popular.

The Ball Track

This is the name given to the rim on the roulette wheel where the ball is spun by the croupier. The Ball Track is also known as the BackTrack.

The Bankroll

This term is used for the total amount any one player has to gamble with

The Roulette Bonus

This term is used by online casinos to tempt new players to sign up at their site. Roulette bonuses can be either No-Deposit or Deposit Match Bonuses. Online casinos also offer other special bonuses to their returning players.

A Block Bet

This term is given to a type of wager that covers a block of numbers on the roulette betting area, although they will not be in a block on the roulette wheel.

The Roulette Chip

Roulette chips are not marked with their monetary value, instead they come in different colours, and usually, they are in one denomination.  This is to assist the croupier work out which chip belongs to which player.

The Bottom Track

This is the slanted, inner area of the roulette wheel. The track is stationary, and the roulette balls slides down the bottom track before it bounces into the wheel head and then the pocket.

The Cage

This is the area of a bricks and mortar casino where players can cash out their chips.


This is French for a Corner bet

The Casino Advantage

The Casino Advantage is also commonly know as the ‘House Edge, edge, vig or ev.’

Chasing Losses

This is where a player increases his bet sizes attempting to win back what he has previously lost.

The Cold Number

This term is given to a number or numbers that have not come up for at least 37 spins of the roulette wheel. There is also the term ‘Cold Table’ which is used when the House is winning all of the time.

A Dead Table

This term is given to roulette tables that are ready to be played, but there are no players.

A Dozen Bet

This is a roulette bet that covers one of the 12 sequences on the roulette table layout

The Dolly

This is used to cover the winning number and is only removed when all winning bets have been paid out and a new game is ready to start.

The Drop

This term is given to the amount deposited by a player

En Prison

One of the French rules of roulette which in effect offers an extra spin.

European Roulette

This variant is the most popular roulette game and has only one zero pocket. The house edge is lower due to the single zero, but the game can be difficult to find in the US.

Even Money Bet

These type of bets can also be called ‘Flat Bets.’  They are bets that pay out 1.1

Flat Betting

This term is given when a players bets the same amount each spin

French Roulette

A variant of the European game which has a few extra rules like the ‘La Partage’ and the ‘En Prison’. French roulette tables are set out differently and with the different sections of the table being name in French (usually with an English translations below.)

A George

This is a player who tips big

A Grifter

A term given to a cheater or a scammer

High or Low

This is an even money bet on all the low numbers (1-18) or on all the high numbers (19-36)

A High Roller

This is a person who bets a large amount of money, and can also be known as a ‘Whale.’


This is when a player is on a winning streak

Hot Numbers

These are numbers that hit more often than they should based on probability.

The House Edge

This is the amount the casino makes, on average, on every bet made.

The Inside Bets

The bets that are made on the inside grid opposed to the Outside Bets.

A Line Bet

This is a wager made on six numbers. Two lines of three number on the betting grid. There is a 16% chance of a win and the bet pays out 5-1

The Martingale System/Strategy

This is where a player will double their bet after a loss until they get a win


This is where a player will bet on all of the odd numbers and it pays out 1-1


This is a bet on three numbers that are close to each other on the wheel but not close to each other on the table layout

An Outside Bet

This is anything that is not an Inside Bet and includes bets like dozens and columns

To Parlay or Press

To let a bet ride after you have won

A Positive Progression

A roulette system where the bet is increased after a win

A Roulette System

Also called a roulette strategy and used by players trying to improve their odds in the game.

A Run

This is the name for a streak of events, like four black in a row.

Single Zero Roulette

This name is sometimes used for European Roulette

A Six Line Bet

An inside bet on a line of six numbers

The Split Bet

This is a bet made on two numbers that sit next to each other on the table

The Square or Quarter Bet

The name given to an inside bet on four numbers

A Straight Bet (or Straight up Bet)

This is a single number bet and pays out 35-1

A Toke or Zuks

These are the tips given to the dealer. The tokes go into the Toke box


A tournament is a competition where players compete against each other for prizes.

A Wager

An alternative name for a bet