Glasgow Is the Gambling Capital of Europe

Scots hooked on roulette games dubbed ‘the crack cocaine of gambling!

The crew here at conducted a survey on 2,400 Europeans who can legally gamble online within their home country and found out significant results. We in fact asked 200 individuals from the 12 European nations including Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Scotland and England about their gambling habits.

The results are in!…. Scots love Roulette more than any other European nation.


Adrian Parkinson, spokesman for the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, said recenlty: “We are still seeing growth in FOBT revenue with £158million snatched out of local Scottish economies last year.

“But it is how sustained the losses are year on year that mask what is happening among users of FOBTs. Since 2008, over £8billion has been lost on FOBTs, with Scotland contributing about £800million of those losses.

“The addictive nature of FOBTs and roulette in particular, combined with their high speed of play and £100 spin capacity means players incur huge losses very fast. Each year new players are introduced to FOBTs and replacing last year’s losers. Some ­players lose everything – their car, job, family and even their freedom.”

The findings include: 1 out of 5 Scottish males are playing Roulette online along with fixed odd terminals, 1 out of 4 Brits are participating in gambling activities online, 1 out of 5 Brits are now gambling using their mobile devices, Scots are playing Roulette more than other European nations for real money, and 75% of Brits are participating in gambling activities every year.

The ultimate finding is that Glasgow is actually the gambling capital of Europe where gamblers bet £200m per year on bookies’ fixed odd roulette and slot machines. In terms of new figures, the survey shows that gamblers from Scotland significantly lost an average of £1,683 each last year through fixed odd terminals.

In fact, just last year Scots have lost an astounding £160m in playing roulette (FOBT). Figures also show that Scotland has 37,000 problem roulette gamblers losing over £63m which is actually an average of £1,683 each. Hence, the spokesman of Fairer Gambling campaign has spoken for the issue.

Roulette is actually an iconic and popular game with ultimate popularity in Europe. Thus, this game is offering players fantastic entertainment which is also addicting at the same time.

With the easiness in playing roulette, more and more gamblers are playing each year. Brits are enticed with lush payouts offered by this game not to mention that they are indeed well entertained when playing roulette online or through their mobile devices..