French Roulette

French Roulette

The iconic game of roulette is offered in three main versions, the game of American roulette, the game of European roulette and finally the game of French roulette.

French Roulette

Here we are going to answer some of the main questions posed by those who are interested in the French version of the game.

A Brief History

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and is named after the French world that means ‘little wheel.’

The very first form of the game was played in 18th century France, yet it was a whole century earlier that a mathematician called Blaise Pascal invented a primitive form of roulette whilst working on a perpetual motion machine.  There is also some thought that roulette is a whole mix of various other games that existed before the final game was decided upon.

Throughout history, we have enjoyed gambling on the spin of a wheel, from the Greeks who spun their shields on its metal point, to the Roman soldiers who used a spinning chariot wheel to bet on. But it was the roulette wheel that was to be the spin that stood the test of time.

What Does The French Roulette Wheel Look Like?

The French roulette wheel has colored pockets or slots in red and black, numbered from zero to thirty six, there is also one green zero (a single 0), and the numbers on the French roulette wheel are located in a different manner to those of the American wheel.

The croupier spins the wheel, takes the bets and adds the ball to the game. The croupier also gives out the winnings to lucky players after calling the winning number or combinations that have been wagered on.

French Roulette

Is The French Roulette Table Different From Other Roulette Tables?

Yes. The table used in a French roulette game has a unique layout. All numbers are white in color and only a single zero is shown.

Another difference in the table is that the position of the outside betting differs between the French and American versions of the game with the outside betting field on the French table being split into two and found along both sides of the table layout.

The outside bets have its French moniker shown with its translation into English directly below.

What are the Even-Money Bet Rules in French Roulette?

The even-money bet rules are the one major difference between the French and European version of the game.  These rules are called La Partage and En Prison.

  • The La Partage rule increases the player’s odds against the house. If a player wagers an even-money bet and the ball lands on a zero then half of their money wagered will be returned to them by the croupier.
  • The En Prison rule is similar but a little more complicated. The way En Prison works is that if a player makes an even money bet and then the ball lands on a zero the croupier will place that bet ‘in prison’ and then it will be used on the next spin, repeating your original bet.

French Roulette

Are There Any Other Differing Bets in the French Game?

Yes there are and below is a brief explanation:

  • The Tiers Du Cylinder is a bet where the player places bets of twelve numbers opposite the zero on the wheel and can also be known as the ‘Small Series’.
  • The Voisins De Zero (neighbours of zero) is a bet where the player will bet on zero as well as the seven numbers directly to its right and the nine numbers that are directly to the left of the zero.
  • Orphelins (orphans) is a bet that makes up the two slices of the wheel that lie outside of Tiers and Voisins. The Orphans contain a total of eight numbers, 17,34,6, and the Orphelins being 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.

What is the House Edge?

The house edge or sometimes known as the house advantage is the amount of money any player loses to the casino relative for any bet they make.  The only real house edge that the casino has in roulette is determined by the number of green pockets or slots on the wheel.

This means that the fewer green slots a wheel has then the better it is for the player.  As French games only have one green slot or zero then the odds are better than the games that have two (American version)

The French version of roulette has the lowest house advantage with the edge being only 1.35%.

French Roulette

Can I Also Play The French Game Online?

Yes you can, and once more the game will be offered alongside some great bonuses and promotional offers.

Online games of roulette are also available 24/7 which means that players can enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment whenever and wherever they choose (as long as there is an internet connection).

Many online sites also offer free options which is useful for new players or those that do not want to bet any of their own money.  In fact, online casinos attract high roller players, those that play now and again and new players for many reasons like choice, availability, ease of access and the entertainment value that is on offer.

Finally, for those that want to be right in the action, quality online casinos also offer a ‘Live’ version of the iconic game using a secure casino stream and your web cam.  These games take place in real time, with a real croupier from a real casino. Roulette games like these have limited seats just like in the bricks and mortar casinos, but they are well worth trying even just the once.