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And we do not forget those that like to play whilst on the go providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality sites to tempt even the most dedicated of mobile players, so whether you play in the comfort of your own home or whilst you are waiting for your lunch to arrive at work, we have you covered.


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A Brief History

The game is an iconic game, classy and synonymous with casino life. The game has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows such as ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Danger Man’, and in countless pieces of literature. It appears that there really is nothing that can compare to the spin of the wheel, plus the game’s history is fascinating.

The game is named after the French word that means little wheel and it is believed that the first form of the game was played way back in the 18th century, although it was even earlier (a century earlier) that a mathematician created a more primitive form of the game in his search for a perpetual motion machine. The early games of Roly Poly, Hoca, Biribi, Ace of Hearts and (which was a French board game) are thought to all have attributed to the making of the wheel. In the 19th century the game spread in popularity as it moved through Europe and the United States. In the US the game evolved as it travelled with the betting layout being simplified and becoming different from the traditional French game.

Today we are also able to enjoy the classic online game, which is simple to learn, and once the basics have been mastered then the variants can be tried too. In the early days, the game was considered to be a luxury game, available to only the very wealthy, but as its popularity spread, the game soon became available to everyone.

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The Three Main Variations in the UK

  • European: is the most common variation of the game in use today both in many of the land-based venues and in the online casinos. This game has a single zero slot and this gives a house edge (favouring the casino) of 2.7%.
  • American: has an extra slot on the wheel which is the double zero, but the payout actually remains the same which means that the house edge does a big jump up to 5.26% (in favour of the casino) and is in fact amongst the highest you will find from any casino game.
  • French: has the best odds for even chance bets and like the European version of the game there is only one zero slot. Any losing even chance bets (like a Red/Black bet for instance) will pay back half of the stake.

Other Variants

There is a whole host of other variants to the classic game when you are playing, one of them being the mini version , which has just 13 slots on the wheel, and the payouts have been scaled down accordingly. This game is a fun alternative if you are fancying a change of pace.

Gorilla Go Wild

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Genie Wild

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Game of Thrones

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Live Games

Live play adds an extra injection of excitement when you are playing at home as these games make use of a real wheel, table, ball and a live dealer, all from a real casino via the use of your webcam and a high-quality webcam connection. Bets take place at certain times with players being able to click on the table on-screen. Live  games really do bring that feeling of really being there right into the comfort of your own home, and although you might have to wait a little for a seat at the table (just like in a bricks and mortar venue) putting a little of your bankroll to one side to play these highly entertaining games is well worth it.

Multi Wheel

Multi Wheel is offered in many variations from different online casinos that have their own take on the game. Some offer up to six wheels running at any one time whilst other sites may only have the one wheel but have the addition of two more number tracks about the outside, which would mean you have three in total.

Themed Games

There are also other variations of the game that offer themed games such as the characters from the Marvel Comics, and Double and Triple Bonus Spin variations where the wheel will contain a bonus slot where your bet will be held and then placed again for free on the next two or three spins. Games of this type, as well as the other variations also offer free games in order for you to get a taster before betting any real money. Free games also allow you to try many of the online games that may not have appealed to you before. In fact, free games are a great advantage to both the new player and the seasoned, returning, experienced player.

Mobile Game Play

Mobile play has proven incredibly popular as the game transfers well to the smaller screen and many casinos will offer players exclusive mobile promotional offers. Mobile users will also enjoy, in many cases, not having to use a different password or payment option when using their mobile devices rather than their computers. Free games are also available to the mobile user as well as many of the variants of their favourite game.

Over the last few years’ technology has advanced at an impressive rate, which means that playing at an online casino is both rewarding and exciting for the mobile user, a far cry from the days when the games crashed and burned at an alarming rate!

The Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator (The RNG) is what rolls the virtual dice, deals the virtual cards and spins the virtual wheel in your game. These machines have to be independently audited to make sure that every game is both true and fair. Once they are proven to spin the wheel in a random way then the RNG is certified. This is the tried and tested way to make sure that all online casino games give their players an equal chance of a win. You will be able to view the certification of the online casino at the base of its home page.

Betting Requirements

One of the many great aspects of the UK game is the amount of real money you can bet on your favourite game. Betting requirements can vary from a very small monetary outlay right through to the maximum bet on some really large, high-stake games right back down again to free games, all of them exciting and all of them entertaining. This is the beauty of the game, and that is why people come back time after time to try their luck on the spin of the wheel whether they bet on a single number, a special ‘someone’s’ birthday or use a strategy, there will be a guaranteed game to suit everyone.

A Little More about Free Games

As previously mentioned, the free games are a great way for the novice player to get a real ‘feel’ of the game before placing any real money down, they are also good for those that are more casual players as there is no financial risk at all. Our free selection of the games are offered from a range of software providers and different games developers so you will be able to experience games for high-rollers and games for novices together with those novelty games like the mini play game.

Bonuses and Offers

Players can also enjoy a varied selection of bonuses and promotional offers at our recommended sites. These bonuses really help to boost your bankroll with the biggest one usually being the welcome bonus or offer. Some casinos offer No-Deposit bonuses, which are great for trying out any game without using any of your real money, but remember, there will be restrictions with these types of bonuses, as the casino cannot afford to simply give away tons of cash.

The Deposit bonus or Match bonus is more usual with the online casino offering depositors a percentage of their deposit. The Sticky bonus does not let your withdraw it with your winnings. There are also other bonuses such a Loyalty bonuses for those players who regularly go to the site, and others special bonuses like Cash-Back bonuses for those loyal players where the online casino gives a percentage of any losses back to play with.

Some online casinos offer other bonuses included, like Refer and Friend to earn free casino cash and usually top quality sites such as the ones we review have daily, weekly and monthly offers to take advantage of. What we would recommend is take a look at a few of our online casinos before choosing which one suits you best.
Another great aspect of playing online is that if a particular site does nothing for you then you can simply move on to another without any hassle at all.

What is a Strategy?

Simply put a strategy is a system adopted by a player based on percentages or progressive bets in order to facilitate a win.

We provide information on the recognised and some of the lesser known strategy guides like the Martingale, Labouchere, Red/Black, Columns, La Partage, Fibonacci, Dozens and others in order to find that win number within our pages. Each strategy guide is in detail, from how and when to use him or her and what to expect when using any strategy or system. Some players love to use a strategy whilst others simply use a single number to bet on, the choice is up to each individual with there being no right or wrong way to go about things.

Another great aspect of online play is that if a particular site does nothing for you then you can simply move on to another without any hassle at all.

Current state in the United Kingdom in 2017

Virtually all online casinos that accept players from the UK now have the game as one of the main pillars in their casinos. With the advancement of graphics and mobile play, the cult classic game has gone from strength to strength. UK casinos are now more advanced than ever. With the introduction of the live dealer games streaming from premium casinos in the United Kingdom, one can only envision the game maintaining or increasing its popularity among casino players for the foreseeable future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Once you have decided to play at an online casino there are going to be a few questions you are going to want answered before committing any money to the site. Finding an online casino that is safe and secure, legal and trustworthy can prove daunting to many, and can actually put some people off playing.

The game is quite possibly one of the most popular of casino games both in the land based venues and also online, so in order for you to feel completely comfortable about playing we have put together some of the most commonly asked questions that new players ask.

Are Online Casinos Legal?

I have Chosen an Online Casino I like but How do I Know it is Safe?

How Many Games can I Expect to Find?

Does the Welcome Bonus Apply?

I Want to Play Using my Mobile Devices is This Possible?

Will I need to Download Software?

Ok, so how do I Make a Deposit?

If I Have a Win How Easy is it For me to Withdraw my Winnings?

I Have a Problem, What do I do?

Do Betting Systems Really Work?

Online game play is convenient as there is no need to travel, and you can enjoy a game wherever you like as long as you have an internet connection. Switching games is easy as is switching casinos if you are not happy with the one you are in, and most games will have a limit that benefits the smaller bankroll.

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