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So What’s so Great About the Spin of a Wheel?

roulette_gameRoulette, an iconic game which has never lessened in its popularity with its unmistakable wheel and table lay-out.  This game offers you as a player great entertainment value besides being easy to play.  It can also offer you some really lush payouts!

Combine that with all the tension and excitement of when the ball is set in motion, well it is understandable why this game maintains its pull throughout the years.  There really isn’t anything to compare!

The popularity for game-playing has increased throughout the UK and world-wide in a big way. New sites are popping up on the internet at an alarming rate, TV adds encouraging us to play are on our screen constantly, and for those who love to play finding that perfect site, the one that personally suits you the best, can be a daunting experience.

We all know what we want.  We want to play in a trusted and entertaining environment, at a site that offers great bonuses and promotions, a wide variety of games and of course that chance to win some cash!

So where to start?

Well we believe that we have made that choice simpler for you with our review guide. For people who are mobile savvy and would like to play roulette on there chose device then we suggest using the Fruity King mobile casino as it gives new players a free £5 welcome bonus without the need to deposit. This is a great way to get a feel of the casino before you actually spend any money.

Our Aims


  • Here we will identify only the best sites which you can access.  We will bring you all the relevant details you may need, instantly, from gaming quality to eases of access and payout rates.
  • We shall only bring you reputable sites, ones that do not attempt to blind you with words hidden within their terms and conditions, and we will explain the pro’s and cons of differing offers such as no deposit, and deposit bonuses.

*Our reviews are unbiased and true at the time of writing.  In this way we hope to make your time choosing your perfect site more enjoyable and informed.

Rules of the Game

  • We shall explain all of the basics such as the differences between European and American games that can affect your pay-outs
  • How the house takes its percentage
  • How the table works.
  • How you can choose your own odds
  • The variety of games


  • We aim to bring to your fingertips all the latest news on new games and mobile apps.  The new sites we believe are worth you checking out for yourselves, and of course any new bonus offers.   We will update the news as and when it arrives so keep an eye out for any new articles.

The Importance of Forums

  • Being part of a community of like minded folk and being able to socialise all adds to the enjoyment of playing your favourite game.
  • Our forum will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with others, discuss new strategies and bonuses, besides sharing advice and tips.
  • Found a new casino?..We would love to know what you think of it!  Should we include it on our site?..Is it worthy!!

You will find there are many games to play online today such as slots and blackjack, but once you play on roulette you will find that there is nothing that really compares to betting on the spin of that wheel! German visitors looking for free roulette bonuses and info should visit today.

Good Luck!!